Our Financials

Our work of going into the world of youth, walking with them in friendship, and introducing them to the love of Jesus would not be possible without our donors. We are incredibly thankful for each generous gift we receive, and consider it our honor to steward our resources well.

Here’s how your donation helps youth in Hong Kong find hope, belonging, and purpose through the gospel.

2021-2022 Total Expenditure: HK$5,381,859

In 2021-2022, for every HK$100 donated to Hong Kong Young Life, we spent:

2021-2022 Total Income: HK$6,781,372*

Most of our income comes from private donations, and some from event registrations which only partially cover the costs incurred.

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Financial Transparency

*We aim at keeping at least 12 months operational expenditure in our bank account for our “Operational Reserve” and “Opportunity Reserve” to continue our mission without undue interruption or hardship and to pursue special targets of opportunity as they arise.

All financials on this page are taken from Young Life Limited’s 2021-22 audited accounts. Our external audit is conducted by Philip Poon & Partners CPA Limited. Some of the audited expense accounts have been collapsed into the above categories for ease of understanding. Our fiscal year follows after Young Life, from October 1 to September 30 of the following year. All currencies are in HKD.

Audited Financial Statements

Please view our most recent three years of Audited Financial Statements or email evelyn@hongkongyounglife.org for more information.

For more information about Hong Kong Young Life, please see our Impact Report from 2022.

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